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Jewellery Interior

We are a team excelled in designing interiors of jewellery shops. We are careful to provide the best lighting solution and the most apt colour combination promoting the firm and attracting more customers. We design the shop to elegantly display the array of jewelry collection, allow the customers to browse comfortably, at the same time maintaining tight security.


Residential Interior

  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Drawing
  • Prayer Area
  • Dining Area


Commercial Interior

The contribution of commercial segment is relatively high. Although we have executed landmark projects en our residential portfolio till now. We are also actively exploring in this segment including Jewelry, Retail, Office spaces, and Warehousing and Co-working spaces. We are creating a distinct brand identity for companies through physical manifestation of their work ideologies in the office designs. Our focus is to create holistic work environments that foster creativity and encourages collaborative work culture. This solidifies the connection that users have with the physical infrastructure of the office space

ENDORA INTERIORS started with a mission to serve the interior design needs of commercial establishments across the world. Four enterprising entrepreneurs with backgrounds in design, technology, and finance lead the Company.Our team of people consists of designers, production, project managers, technicians, marketing and sales professionals. These professionals have served clients from diverse industries and business sizes. Together, we assist in exceeding their design and business objectives.But our team is often working on projects across the world. The ownership of design studio and factory enables us to have complete control over the quality of our deliverables. Although our team consists of qualified interior design professionals, our real-world experience is what differences us from other Interior design Companies and gives us the ability to:

Deliver fully integrated interior design - conception to final production

Serve all types of Businesses

Deliver research-driven creative concepts in line with current market trends

Deliver projects within budget and on time